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If you are interested in contacting Susie and Otto Collins to speak on any of these topics for your group or organization, contact us by email or phone.

“Stop Talking on Eggshells: How to Communicate and Connect at home and at work”

"Talking on eggshells" is how our communication feels when there is fear, distance, disconnection, assumptions, or judgment. We fear we’ll upset the other person in some way and we don’t want to upset the apple cart. In this presentation, Susie and Otto give 10 practical ways to stop
talking from fear or mistrust that help you to create the kind
of relationships you've always wanted.

"10 Communication Mistakes Nearly Everyone is Making
In Their Relationships and How To Fix them..."

Almost everyone makes these communication mistakes in their relationships and in this presentation, Susie and Otto tell you how to "fix" them so that you can create the kind of relationships that you want. This presentation will give you ideas about how to improve communication in all your relationships--intimate, family, friends and co-workers. 

“How To Create More Passion and Connection In Your Relationships At ANY Age”

 Whether you think you’re young, old or anywhere in between, what we ALL really want in our relationships is passion and connection. In this lively and interactive presentation Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins debunk the biggest myths and stories that almost everyone holds about relationships that prevents them from having what they want. They’ll also share with you some incredible skills for opening your heart and experiencing the gifts of connection at any age. 

“The Secrets to Letting Go of the Past and Attracting Your Perfect Partner Now”

Whether you’re just coming out of a long-term (or short term) relationship that you can’t let go of or you’ve had many relationships and haven’t been able to connect with the “perfect” person, this presentation will give you a proven process for attracting the love you want into your life. We’ll share the step-by-step formula we used to find each other and create the beautiful relationship that we have now. If creating a great relationship is important to you, we invite you to join us in this session.

"Creating Relationship Magic"
A free, fun, interactive presentation by Relationship Coaches and authors Susie and Otto Collins that will give you the secrets to creating magical relationships in any area of your life. Whether you’re single and want to attract a new relationship into your life or you’re with a partner and want to make your relationship better, you’ll discover dozens of ideas and strategies to help you manifest the kinds of relationships that you really want.

"5 Proven Secrets for Building or Rebuilding Trust in your Relationships"
Of all the qualities that make up a good relationship, trust is undeniably the most important. It's the one quality that a relationship simply can't survive without. Whether it's an intimate, work, or family relationship, Susie and Otto Collins will show you ways proven ways to create or rebuild trust in any relationship.

"7 Spiritual Keys to Manifesting Love & Money"
In this presentation, Susie and Otto will share the 7 spiritual keys that everyone must use and apply to be able to tap into abundance of love and money.  These are the same principles and ideas we used to attract each other and to create a great relationship.  They're also the same ideas we've used to grow our relationship coaching practice from nothing more than a dream to one that has positively impacted thousands of people from all over the world.

"7 Steps to Attracting the Love and Relationships you Want in Your Life"
Whether you're just coming out a long-term relationship that didn't work out or just want to make your current relationships better, this presentation will give you a proven process for attracting what you want into your life.

"How to Be With and Love Somebody Who's So Different From You"
In this highly interactive session, Susie and Otto will help you explore the differences that drive you crazy between you, a significant other, a co-worker, your child or any other member of your family.  You'll learn how to avoid getting triggered when someone pushes your buttons and how to co-create in a partnership.

"How to Have More Love and Less Stress at the Holidays "
Don’t spend another holiday season being stressed, full of anxiety and unrealistic expectations.  Let Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins show you how to create a happier, more fulfilling life, especially during the holidays.  Come and explore some simple ideas that can help you be more peaceful and loving in every aspect of your life.

"No More Jealousy: How to Eliminate Jealousy from your Life"
Jealousy can destroy all types of relationships, whether intimate, family or among co-workers. In this presentation, we show you how to identify what causes jealousy in  personal or business relationships and give concrete ways on how to overcome it.

"What Really Happens After You Find Your Soul Mate"
In this presentation, Susie and Otto will share strategies and insights into how to keep the "magic" going after you find your "soul mate."  Whether you're with a "soul mate" or not, you can use their ideas to improve any relationship.

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