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“Susie and Otto Collins are two authentic and open life partners who share from their hearts and, more importantly, model what it truly takes to create an outstanding relationship.  Through personal stories, a wide variety of books and practical ideas, they offer new possibilities for creating and sustaining the love we want in our lives.  I recommend their work and appreciate their grounded generosity.”

Kathyln Hendricks, co-author of Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart  and co-founder of the Hendricks Institute.


“Susie and Otto, I can not begin to tell you how helpful and insightful your book has been in regards to my relationship with not only my spiritual partner, but with family and friends as well. I have looked for some time to find answers/suggestions to some of the issues in my life surrounding relationships. Most of the information seemed to be very judgmental and not some from a very loving author. Your book and your newsletters have been a reminder that there is absolutely nothing that exists outside of love that would serve me. The answers to my questions kept pointing to love and the famous Neale Donald Walsch's quote, "What would love do now". Thank you for the opportunity to grow with you.”

Jacque Keil


"I am so happy I purchased your book. I can not tell you how much I have learned from this. Not only about my relationship but my life. It has been a real gem to have this. Discovering the truth about what I am really feeling inside about this relationship has been so exciting!  No more denying, keeping it inside, nor feeling guilty about what I feel.  This (book) has helped me in so many ways I can not explain it all. I really thank you. To share your wisdom and insight in such a way, is truly a gift. Thank you again"   



“This book (Should you Stay or Should you Go?) is a tool I will recommend to people who come to me seeking help with their own questions of whether to stay or go.  As a workbook, it is a great adjunct to counseling, helping to reveal to clients what they may already know about themselves as well as where they are stuck and need help.” 

Belinda Gore, Ph.D., The Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio


“Thought provoking, stimulating, inspiring and provocative.  This book will give you lots to think about.  It will help you dig a little deeper to help you to make a better choice about staying or leaving a relationship.  When you are ready to make this choice. . . read this book!  Wise words from the Collins.  You must take the first step while you are still afraid!”   

Larry James, Author, Professional Speaker & Relationship Coach


"Honestly, I read the book (Should you Stay or Should you Go?) in a single sitting. Then I left it at his house for him to read.  That was last week.  THREE days later he surprised me with the MOST romantic weekend trip I have ever experienced in my life.  We are BOTH very happy. We discussed everything on our minds and there has been great communication ever since.  He is not only very romantic, but thoughtful and considerate.  He is now my best friend."

Dr. Pamela Zanetti


"Thanks so much for your book about jealousy!  It has given me the confidence to step out of the mold I had created for myself.  From time to time I still have bouts of it, but have come to recognize when I am more prone to it - like when I'm tired and feeling vulnerable. The most helpful thing is actually knowing that I am in control of it.  And that only I affect how I feel.  Finding your book came at a time when I needed it most - thanks again.  A very helpful reference."      



“Dear Susie and Otto

I have found your book once again amazing and extremely useful. Your information and tools provided in your tape and books have been very valuable for me in transforming my relationship. Over the past few years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a wonderful, passionate relationship. Nothing compares to your books. You are both our wonderful role models to look up to, and you really do light a hope for the rest of society.

Please advise me whenever you write anymore books, articles, etc. Many thanks for all your help in changing our life in such a positive way.  Have a great day and keep up the fantastic work, as it’s needed in today’s society.”

Sue Afrasiabi, Australia


"Just read your book about healing a broken heart yesterday. It has made an immediate impact! October 6th will mark three months since I saw the person I split up with and your book, which I read in one go on a day home from work with the flu, changed my whole perspective. Haven't had the need to google him once today and have stopped being curious about what he might be doing.

"Although I've had isolated moments like this since I left July 6th, this is sustained. I'm feeling great, and looking forward to feeling even better, day by day. What a wonderful book! I'm telling everyone!! Have also ordered your book on jealousy - my big problem. Much looking forward to reading it. Thank you sooooooo much for making me feel so much better and ready to embrace my future in a big way!!!

"I knew going into this relationship that it was not healthy but persisted with the thought in the back of my mind that it was meant to teach me something important, and How to Heal Your Broken Heart is a real road map for that process so I’m very happy that I stumbled on to it on the internet. I also like the way it is laid out and how practical it is in the kind of advice and suggestions it offers. An excellent and really uplifting book all around."

Name withheld on request


“Dear Susie and Otto,
Oh My Goddess ... Today's newsletter was probably THE most inspiring article I have EVER read ... I recently started receiving your insightful
newsletters, and wanted you to know how much I enjoy them!!! They're written in such a matter-of-fact, easy to read, straight-to-your-heart language.  What an inspiration you are... Thank You...!!!”

Victoria, Geneva, IL


“Hello Susie and Otto, Thank you for your example, and for the courage you both have in sharing your experiences so freely with others so that we can all learn from them.”

Teri Ryan, Columbus, OH


“Thank you Susie and Otto,

I really loved my first newsletter. It helped me to remember about why we are all here- in this life. You are kind people.”

Adina Christine


“Susie & Otto,

I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a worthwhile newsletter.  I get so much out of them and always look forward to reading them!"

Renee Cory


“Your articles are soul-inspired and soul-stirring - keep them coming - they give practical yet spiritual advice.” 

Kim Ploughman, St. John’s, Newfoundland


“I wanted to also thank you for your insightful column that you send weekly. We take time out to talk to one another about something ­ either reading a devotional at night, talking about our relationship, working out of a Christian workbook, or sharing our thoughts on your column for the week.

This time is just part of our commitment to each other and knowing that in order to make a marriage work, we have to work at it…but what a joy it is to actually see results!”

Karen Berger


“I just wanted to thank you for giving me such great advice. I wrote you 4 months ago and at the time I was so scared when I left my husband and you gave me so much courage to push forward. I am so glad I did leave. My life has changed around. It's not perfect, but considering what I was in, it is fabulous now. I have found out so many things about myself. I even started treating myself better and I have even learned how to forgive him and stop hating him.” 

Cynthia Jeans, North Carolina


“Through their personal coaching and books, Susie and Otto Collins have been my guides.  They've helped me identify blocks I've had in the past and helped me learn to do relationships in a different way.

This time I was really clear in my intentions about what I wanted in attracting a mate.  I've been able to visualize my perfect perfect partner, feel that I already have him in my life and let go of the outcome. I can tell you that their process really works!

Thank you for your wonderful coaching and wisdom, Susie and Otto!"      

Nancy, Cincinnati, Ohio


“I participated in the seminar last night and the night before on relationship trust. I found this program to be well organized  and presented in a concise, clear format with step-by-step tangible tools that one could incorporate easily in one's everyday life.

 I appreciate not only the great information provided at an affordable price, but I respect both Susie and Otto's compassionate, caring and thoughtful responses to some of the seminar participant's questions. 

 It was also helpful to have both the male and female perspective. Thank you for providing a great learning format.”   
Margie Anton, Chugiak Alaska 


"I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. I look forward to my newsletters via e-mail. They are short and sweet, to the point and really make you think about what's important in your life. I have printed every one and saved it in a 'special personal folder' for myself" 

Michelle Liporto


"I have been receiving your newsletter for many months now and I am always ready to read and apply your insightful messages. It is very encouraging to realize my personal growth in some areas and look to new approaches in others. As I read, different relationships pop into my head, those, of course, that apply to the topic or example--sometimes my mother, then maybe only a sentence later and it's my children or my ex-husband. In any event, it is a wonderful check and balance to take a moment out of each week and look at these relationships that are the most important aspects of our lives. So, I wanted to say "Thank You!" You have a loyal reader."   

Rhonda McEwen


"I always look forward to the newsletters, like a little treasure chest, filled with golden booklets.”   

Dorena Caprice


"A quick note to share my gratitude for your sharing. I have a private practice where I use many modalities to assist people with improving the quality of their lives. Knowing I am unable to be a "master" at everything, I use your infos and hand them out -- they make such a difference! We discuss how the topic may be an area of improvement ... and it also serves as a great reference."    

Glenda Gibbs


“Just to let you know that I bought your ‘Stay or Go’ book primarily for some clients who I am counseling who really need to work through their stuff.  Unfortunately it is 4 years too late for me, but reading it I feel that I would have made the same decision, because I wasn’t in the ‘right’ space to repair it.  Our

son says we are both nicer people since we’re not together, even though we were both devastated by the split initially.  Thanks for a great book and keep up the good work.”  

Jenny Fitzgerald


"We are excited about some of Otto and Susie's creative ideas to enhance or rekindle the spark in marriage. Our marriage is a priority for us, so we are glad for any helpful suggestions. Otto and Susie are experts on the subject of loving relationships. Their ideas are practical help for anyone who has a desire to improve their relationship or recapture the magic. They are experienced, compassionate, and caring coaches, who have a wealth of worthwhile information to help us all improve our most important relationships."

Roy and Gwen S.


"You have given me hope about my marriage. I am a newlywed and I have been struggling with the changes and adjustments that come with it, and now I understand what I need to do. Thanks Susie and Otto. I don't know you, but I feel like you understand what my husband and I are going through."

Dana Cote


"You two have really hit the nail on the head! I feel like you looked right into our relationship issues. Your insights and ideas are so clear and practical. I am excited to put them to use! Thank you!"

Susan, Florida


"I feel like I now have the tools I need to move forward in life. Thank you sooo much!!"



"I just have listened to your information about creating more spark into relationships and was absolutely impressed about the 4 secrets and especially the strategies. My partner and I are doing very well with love, connection, passion and spark but sometimes we do have a listening problem and implementing the strategies will help us a lot! Thank you so much for the valuable information!

Maxie Stoelinga

"You have opened my eyes to my whole relationship, and have given me information that I had never thought about. Thank you so much for making us both have a good think about our relationship, we are both now committed to putting that spark back and keeping it in our relationship."

Cheryl Long


"I was in a fairly new relationship and I had been cheated on. Every time my boyfriends phone rang I freaked out and got very jealous. I knew this was not healthy because I had made the choice to forgive him and to move on. I ordered this publication hoping it would help me move past my jealous tendencies and it certainly helped. I also sought counseling a few times because I hate being worried and jealous, it is harmful. I wanted to move on and make our lives better and more healthy. He had some fixing to do as well and between the two of us we figured things out and we have moved past our problems."

Erica Terminello


"No More Jealousy changed my life. I saw extreme jealousy in my father and hated the way he treated my mother because of his unfounded fears. However, I found myself battling the same demons and mistreating people in my own relationships. I found No More Jealousy on line and ordered the program. After listening to the first few chapters, I found myself understanding my feelings and for the first time in my, dealing with my jealous tendencies instead of reacting to them. It has given me tremendous freedom. Thank you for your great insight."

Robin Farmer


“Through reading your book No More Jealousy, Hazel and I have become aware of what has been triggering some of the feelings that we have experienced from time to time. Understanding this has enabled us to know how to handle these feelings and we have started to communicate on a new level. Your book has helped us enormously since reading it.”

Rod Anderson


“No More Jealousy saved my relationship. With your help, Roger was able to let go of his unwarranted fear that I would abandon him and we began to have a healthy relationship  . . . without jealousy  . . . thanks”

Kathi Zahniser



"No More Jealousy has proven to be an extremely useful tool for me. It has helped me to center my thoughts and actions if I feel the fears coming on associated with jealousy. 

It was helpful to understand what jealousy really is, and with that knowledge and the exercises offered in this program, I feel I am much better at handling my insecurities and fears."

Karen Westerfer, Philadelphia 

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"All I Can Say is 'WOW!' This is easily the best book on the subject of getting over a relationship break up or divorce."

Dr. Steve Taubman -- Author of The Book UnHypnosis: how To Wake Up and Live the Life You Were Meant To Live.



"It was very, very illuminating, particularly your insights into how to be clear about not going back." 

Carlos Prieto

"Going through a divorce has been one of the toughest things for me to deal with. Many of the questions I had were addressed in How to Heal Your Broken Heart. That information has provided me with a feeling that there is life after a divorce. Just a different one. Thanks for your help getting people through these times." 

Chad Tuckerman


"Very helpful, especially the part about how to stop thinking of that person. I'm still vague about how to be positive especially after you've been cheated on and you're the last to find out about it. But for the most part it was very informative." 

Benita Ray


"Thank you very much for the teleseminar. Most of the information is exactly what I would tell a friend but until now found it difficult when trying to apply it to my own life. I am tired of making excuses for myself and enjoyed hearing the same words I have said many times to others come directly at me in a non-threatening way. Thanks again!"  



"I thought the teleseminar was real helpful to me as it answered so many questions that I had in the back of my head about starting over, and healing."  



"Practical, down to earth and yet wonderfully deep, perceptive and soulful!"



 "I was moved by the clarity, honesty and compassion with which Susie and Otto presented the information on ways to heal from a break up or divorce. I had in fact just the day before begun the break up process with my boyfriend, and this teleseminar was literally perfect timing! I took notes and I have referred to them regularly during this time of transition in my life. I enjoyed the seminar immensely and am grateful I had the opportunity to participate. Thank you Susie and Otto!"  

Lucy Dickinson


"You CAN transform your relationship pain into personal bodacious power! Susie and Otto Collins' practical, honest and heartfelt advice will show you how"

Mary Foley , Author of Bodacious! Woman: Outrageously in Charge of your Life and Lovin' it!


"The teleseminar (on Healing after a break up) was very informative. It reinforced a lot of things I have heard previously, as well as provided some new ways to look at things. I think this seminar will be very helpful to those who are open to helping themselves." 

 Anita Stonehill


"First let me tell you a heartfelt thank you for sharing your experiences and those who have shared with you. I have gone through a painful separation two years ago, after an 18 years relationship, and have grown as I have searched to become a better person in the process and be a more loving person instead of loving one person only. I know I have more work to do as I have not found yet another partner that I want in my life. I also have my younger brother who is going through a break up and is living with me in the meantime that he finds himself an apartment. I know I never want to go back to an unconscious relationship as I had before. I did not know how to communicate my feeling and my partner was not honest about his. I read all your newsletters, last night's teleconference was tremendously helpful. I am looking forward getting the MP3 to listen to it again... and again. Thanks again for being who you are together Otto and Susie," 

 Céline from Québec


"Another Tool from Otto and Susie that will propel you to another level of relationship growth and health."

Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach,




Susie and Otto Collins


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