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Sample Interview Questions 

1.   Do affairs just happen?  Is it simply a matter of overwhelming chemistry of a soul mate in next cubicle or is there something else going on?

2.     Can cheating ever be good for a relationship?

3.     Why is flirting never harmless?

4.     How do you make a reasoned, rational and loving decision whether to stay in or leave a relationship?

5.     If you’re thinking about leaving a relationship, what’s the most important thing you need to ask yourself?

6.     What questions do you have to ask yourself if there are children involved in your decision to stay or go?

7.     Can divorce ever be a gift?

8.     What is the No. 1 reason couples quit communicating?

9.     Why is jealousy such a big issue for couples and what’s really going on when it happens?

10. How do you handle conflict, particularly when both people tend to physically or emotionally run away?

11. There is a 16-year age difference in our ages, with Susie being older. How can differences, not only age-related, actually bring you closer together?

12.  Is it inevitable that passion, love and sex has to die after the "honeymoon period" ends?

13. Are men the Neanderthals when it comes to relationships as many women think they are?

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