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Is your relationship in the danger zone?
Take Relationship Coaches Susie and Otto Collins' quiz to find out...
1. Do you have certain expectations about how you want to be treated in this relationship and are you often disappointed?
2. Do you find that you are jealous of other people and their relationships?
3. Do you have a feeling of disappointment or failure from past relationships and does that interfere in your current relationship?
4. Do you want more romance in your relationship?
5. Are you irritated with your partner most of the time and do you think he/she is wrong?
6. Are you afraid to say what you are feeling for fear of causing problems?
7. Are you constantly trying to "fix" your partner or is your partner trying to "fix" you?
8. Do you or your partner allow problems to simmer and then one or both of you explode?
9. Do you run away emotionally or physically when things get tough?
10.Do you ever stay late at work or do other things to avoid being with your partner?
11.Has anyone ever asked you why you are with your partner and suggest that you might be happier with someone else?
Scoring System: If you answered "yes" to 5 or more of these questions, your relationship may be in the "danger zone." What this "danger zone" may be telling you is not that you should leave this relationship but rather that you and your partner need to focus some attention on it and learn how to make it better.
It may also mean that you need to take some time to decide how you want to live your life. If you answered "yes" to 2 or more of these questions your relationship may need some attention.
Depending on your specific challenges, we have several books and courses that can help you put the "spark" back into your relationship and change it for the better or help you come to your best decision and move on with your life.
To help you make the most conscious decision possible about whether to stay in or leave your relationship, visit and get our free mini-course.
To learn to create more trust in your relationship, visit
To help you to learn to communicate better, visit
To learn specific ideas to create the relationship you've always wanted, go to
If you have been battling jealousy and just can't seem to win, go to
If you need help with your relationship, you may consider coaching with Susie or Otto. Email or call to discuss your challenges and how coaching might help.


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