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Susie and Otto Collins's Story

In addition to being the creators of Passionate Heart– where we help
people create passionate, loving, connected relationships that
last--we've been called a world's leading expert on keeping the
spark alive in a relationship.

As Breakthrough Relationship coaches, soul mates, spiritual and life
partners, we are passionate about making this world a more loving
place by teaching people about how to love themselves and each other.

Since 1999, we have been writing, teaching and sharing about how to
keep the spark alive, overcome jealousy, communicate with love and
many other relationship topics.

We regularly offer workshops and talks on relationships and are
prolific writers on topics that relate to helping people create
connected, close vital, alive relationships.

Our free online weekly relationship newsletter reaches thousands of
people all over the world. Along with our books and audio courses, we
offer relationship and life coaching to singles and couples, in person
and by phone.

We are co-authors of “Magic Relationship Words” "Stop Talking on
Eggshells" "Red Hot Love Relationships" “Should you stay or should you
go?” “No More Jealousy” "How to Heal Your Broken Heart" "Automatic
Attraction Secrets" "500 Communication Tips & Secrets" and many other
books, audios and programs.

Our free ebook "Passionate Spark~Lasting Love" is available at

We have studied the work well-known gifted teachers of relationship and personal growth wisdom, including Byron Katie, Abraham, Michele Weiner Davis, David Deida, Joe Vitale, Harvelle Hendrix, Wayne Dyer, Michele Weiner Davis and many more. Our formal coaching training has been with Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute and Comprehensive Coaching U and with Dr. Belinda Gore.

What did we do before doing this work?

For 35 years, Susie has been a student of relationships, spirituality, energy and the life force. Her search for physical, emotional and spiritual healing has led her to the study of Polarity Therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology, Hatha Yoga, the Enneagram, and much more. Her formal training includes a Bachelor of Science degree in education, a Masters degree in Library Science, and is a Registered Polarity Practitioner with the American Polarity Therapy Association and Certified Comprehensive Coach from Comprehensive Coach U. Susie is a veteran teacher and university librarian with over 30 years experience teaching in the public schools and university classes.  

Otto spent over 20 years as a successful salesperson and marketer of a variety of products and services. Many of those years were spent in the radio and TV advertising business in markets of all size in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. 

Many years ago, as a result of pondering three of life’s greatest questions-- Who am I, Why am I here and What’s this all about-- Otto turned his life’s focus to bear on the practice and study of spirituality, personal growth and relationships.   
We passionately believe that life can be lived in a joyful, conscious, loving way and we are committed to helping others to experience the potential of what is possible in their own lives and relationships. The desire to be loved the way we wanted to be loved took each of us on a journey of discovery of how to create the relationship of our dreams. We believe Spirit put us together for our own personal growth and to shine the light of hope for others. Our goal is to help others create outstanding lives and passionate, alive, connected relationships.  


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Susie and Otto Collins

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